As the holidays approach, thousands of people flock to the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. This increase in traffic has given property owners in this area an opportunity to make an extra income during the Silly Season, letting out their properties as holiday accommodation. 


But what if you own a property in a Sectional Title Scheme? How can you go about letting out your unit and are you even able to? 


In recent years, short term holiday lets have become increasingly popular, with more and more owners signing up for services like Airbnb – which simplifies the holiday letting process.


Sectional Title Holiday Rentals

When a property is located within a Sectional Title Scheme, letting a unit out as holiday accommodation will be subject to the specific rules of that Scheme. This means that you will have to examine your Scheme’s management and conduct rules to make sure that it does not prohibit holiday letting. 


As an owner, the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act also requires you to inform the Body Corporate of your intentions to rent out your unit, as they must be aware of any change in occupancy within the Scheme – even for short-term rentals. Owners are therefore required to provide the Body Corporate with the names and ID numbers of each holiday occupant. 


Owners are also responsible for ensuring that holiday tenants don’t interrupt or inconvenience any other permanent residents or occupants in the Scheme. 


*Tip: If you are renting out your unit this holiday, provide your tenants with a copy of the Scheme’s rules and ensure that they sign and adhere to these guidelines. Otherwise, rules regarding parking, noise levels and refuse removal might not be upheld by holidaymakers. 


Can A Body Corporate Refuse Holiday Lets?

In some instances, Body Corporates may choose to prohibit short-term holiday rentals for security or other reasons. But are Body Corporates allowed to prevent owners from renting out their units during the holiday season?


While the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act (STSMA) does not discuss short term rentals, it does empower the Body Corporate with authority to amend and make conduct rules regarding holiday letting. 


Due to the proximity in which residents live in Sectional Title Schemes, it is understandable that while short-lets are an attractive prospect, they are not always viable within a Scheme. 


If you are thinking of renting out your Sectional Title Unit as holiday accommodation but are unsure of your Body Corporate rules or any other legalities surrounding short-term letting – get on touch with our dedicated team of experts today.