PropDirect Careers

Why Work At PropDirect?

Build your own business within the PropDirect brand. Flexible/easy to use tools to support your brand/business. Ongoing support of our management team, marketing professionals and our panel of dedicated conveyancers.

We are an online-based agency - flexible/ lower cost, work from anywhere.

Our Motto

Real Estate Simplified

Our Vision

Transforming Real Estate

Our Mission

To train, equip and empower experienced and aspiring real estate professionals.

To impact the market and exceed the expectations of their clients.

How It Works

We source individuals that embrace the PropDirect vision values and business model.

We develop and support each Property Professional, helping you get qualified. We promote/encourage the creation of a personal brand

We facilitate the development of each Property Professional’s own unique style within PropDirect.

If you are interested in joining a property company that will help you grow and develop your real estate career send your cv to