Why Sell/Rent Your Property With PropDirect?

Why Choose To Sell Your Property With Us?

Sellers, we ensure a smooth transition from listing your property to the eventual sale and registration of transfer thereof.

Critical to the successful sale of your property is the registration of transfer of ownership and payment of the purchase price – without this, an offer to purchase is meaningless.

PropDirect works closely with top conveyancers with a good track record and who facilitate and fast-track the registration of transfer. In terms of our unique value proposition, they are involved from the time that you list your property until registration of transfer, in one seamless process. Download their value proposition here, which forms part of our Exclusive Mandate offering, at no expense to you, the seller

Why Choose To Rent Your Property With Us?

Experienced rental agents at your disposal

Our experienced rental agent and staff are there to secure the best tenant for your property at a market-related rental. Prospective tenants are carefully vetted through our screening process, which includes credit checks and quality checks with previous landlords and employers.

Legal compliance and checks and balances.

PropDirect has secured the services of our attorneys to oversee every aspect of the rental process, and our documentation and leases are vetted to ensure legal compliance.

They will also ensure that timely steps are taken to secure any unpaid rent or address any concerns in the unlikely event of any default.

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